Dette er en skildring av mennesker som i en eller annen forbindelse oppholder seg i Trondheim, for kort eller lang tid. Noen bor her, noen er på besøk, andre er her som turister. Felles er at de i et tidsrom er en del av byen. Samstundes med at de er her og opplever den, er de også med på å forme den, og gi byen innhold og uttrykk.

torsdag 11. august 2011

My Own Recipe

Ettermiddag ved Skistua.

I arrived just now, driving from Oslo. I have been sleeping in my car because of the rainy weather, but I plan to put up my tent tonight!  Leonie Albers has spent the last few days driving from the town of Deventer, Holland in her car. Holland-Germany-Denmark-Sweden-Oslo-Trondheim: Jotunheimen was just magnificent!
I am looking forward to this meatballs/chilli con carne, and then I will have a look around the city. 

There is no fixed schedule for my two weeks in Norway. Trondheim is the northernmost point for my trip, and I plan to drive via Bergen on my way home. I am seeing Southern Norway now, and I will make the next trip to the North,... or so I am telling myself ;)

I have never done anything like this in my life. To make a personal journey. Back home they worry a bit for me, and I send messages frequently to show that I am doing allright up here. 

A ten year relationship ended,  and I am now finding myself, -by myself.  This trip to Norway felt just right. The nature is so different here; fjords, mountains, it is really beautiful, and you can go anywhere you like!
But the weather..., is even worse than in holland ;)

Nikon D3, Nikkor 50-135mm 3.5 ais

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  1. I'm so proud of my little sis! I've heard the meetballs-chilli con carne wasn't a succes, but she enjoyed her trip!
    But I'm glad she's at home and save :-)