Dette er en skildring av mennesker som i en eller annen forbindelse oppholder seg i Trondheim, for kort eller lang tid. Noen bor her, noen er på besøk, andre er her som turister. Felles er at de i et tidsrom er en del av byen. Samstundes med at de er her og opplever den, er de også med på å forme den, og gi byen innhold og uttrykk.

torsdag 15. september 2011

Arizona dry

Domkirkeplassen, Cafe To Tårn.

Are you familiar with the heavy water of Norway?
Good, then you know of Knut Haugland. He was instrumental in the sabotage actions carried out at the Vemork Hydroelectric plant in Rjukan, during WWII. These guys almost singlehandedly won the war for us! I met him four times, both in the US and Norway. One occasion was at the "høstfest" in Minot, North Dakota after the war. I also met him in Lillesand. He was a great guy, and had some very interesting stories to tell ;) 
Not many people know that the war for Norway startet in Lillesand. Already on the 8th of April 1944, a german submarine anchored 200ft from my grandfathers house ;)
Ken Walker resides near Anaheim, California with his Norwegian wife. We are on a two week cruise with Hurtigruten. It is good to be back.

Mattias Andersson er administrator for Vantage Deluxe World Travel og tilrettelegger for en munter gjeng gentlemen fra USA. 

Our wives are here, too ;)  Jerry Kaplan from Massachusetts smiles through the morning drizzle of old Trondheim. All of us come from the US and have become friends during this trip with Hurtigruten. Why Norway? We came to see the beauty!  And we like rain ;)

This is the wettest and coldest weather I have seen for a long time ;)
Paul Williams from Arizona has visited 110 different countries.  This is the first time we experience Norway.  This is a bit of a change for us.  You know, Arizona is a pretty dry country!

Nikon D3, Nikkor afs 28-70 2.8d

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  1. Tusen takk for en utrolig trivelig blogg!!! Det varme et Trondhjæmshjerte å læs sånne koslige innlegg! Hilsen ei som e langt unna byen sin for tida for å jobbe som frivillig i andre land.